Outsourcing your computerisation needs to IT creation


Your IT infrastructure must be able to keep pace with your organization's development needs and growth. What are the best hardware and software solutions? Together with your IT department, we will look at the best possible way to gain a competitive advantage in your line of business by IT optimizations. Important aspects include speed, flexibility and cost reduction.


IT creation offers a cloud platform that was designed and built in-house, and is managed 24x7. Companies often outsource this part of the work. However, to ensure a high availability level and solid performance, we believe that the entire process, including all IT resources, should be managed in-house. This means we can offer our customers optimal operational reliability and flexibility.


We provide a complete private cloud, including a private virtual firewall. This allows you to move your office automation seamlessly and safely to this environment. 


IT creation has ISO 9001 en ISO 27001 certification. We only offer the best possible quality service and solutions, and guarantee that your data is securely stored in our environment.


Shared Clouded Hosting

Our shared environment is a smart engineered virtual infrastructure on a shared hardware platform. You can purchase one or more workplaces/ desktops on this platform. For a fixed monthly fee, you will have access to your complete online workplace. This includes:


  • Microsoft Office
  • Shared folders and diaries
  • Full access to the latest version of the software, including updates
  • Adding your own business applications

You will have the benefits of an enterprise environment; professional back-ups, high bandwidth, security and always be up-to-date. This is a highly standardised environment and is mainly suited for organisations that use a limited number of company-specific applications.


Private Clouded Hosting

This form of hosting is based on hardware resources that are not shared with other organisations. This service is mainly suited for complex IT environments with many applications and/ or users. 


The main features of Private Clouded Hosting:


  • Fixed prices for the provided resources
  • The type of contract and SLA are tailored to your needs